Since 2001, Digiberry Corporation has been a world-class solution company specializing in information technology. Our mission is to create and manage Japanese market for our foreign business partners. We strive to accomplish our mission by building competitive distribution channels for our partners’ products, investing in a highly skilled workforce, and by committing the necessary time, finances, and marketing resources to build market share.

Outsourcing Japan Sales/Marketing Function
We at Digiberry Corporation provide all the tools, time, resources, and structure to build significant sales for our partners. Our organization, coupled with our established sales networks in Japan, and vast experience in the business, allow us to achieve quick penetration of Japanese market at no out-of-pocket costs to our business partners. The “outsourcing” of Japanese marketing and sales function will allow small and medium size organizations to focus more attention on building the primary market and devote more resources to product development, hiring, training, etc.

Your Trusted Partner
Our job is to perform all the functions that would be performed by a typical international sales department, but with more expertise, resources, and understanding of the complexities of building productive international channels of distribution. One of our major strengths is our constant, active contact with our partners around the world. We build a strong bridge between our foreign partners and Japanese customers.

Digiberry Corporation
CEO: Ryu Nowatari
Establishment: March 30, 2001
D-U-N-S Number: 69-890-5366
1-2-1 Furocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi,
Kanagawa 231-0032 Japan
TEL: +81-45-507-9873
FAX: +81-45-507-9874